Electrical Contractor Providing Temporary Electrical Power for Marinas near Houston, Texas

When a hurricane or severe storm damages your vessel or marina near Houston on the Texas Gulf Coast , you've got a big problem when you can't rent slips or dock your vessel because of loss of electrical power. The longer that Houston marina owners have no power, the longer they're without revenue. The longer that Houston vessel owners have no power, the longer they are away from their home port. Unger-Water is a commercial electrical contractor serving Houston, TX providing temporary electrical power solutions for your marina or vessel in Houston, TX.  

Unger-Water works with your insurance company near Houston, TX to make sure that your power restoration happens on-time and on-budget. Through our commitment to excellence, we build lasting relationships with vessel owners and marinas on the Texas Gulf Coast through our commitment to excellence. The passion for what we do shows in all of our work. Customer satisfaction, quality, and dedication prove to be the keys to our success.