Conch House Marina and Resort, St. Augustine FL

Conch House Marina and Resort, St. Augustine FL 2018-03-14T14:25:55+00:00

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On September 10, 2017 Hurricane Irma hit St. Augustine Florida leaving in its path devastation and destruction.  The Conch House Marina and Resort received its share.  Entire docks were completely gone.  So to keep the remaining boats there, Unger-Water Power Solutions went to work, engineering and designing a temporary power solution for 40 slips.

Devastation and destruction can be seen everywhere you look.

Both Docks “C” & “D” were completely destroyed.  There were portions of these docks seen floating down the Salt Run Channel the next day.

Unger-Water Power Solutions arrived and began our installation.  We laid out our path and began installing the cabling and setting the temporary power pedestals.

Eric gives the double thumbs after he energized the final pedestals.

If you’re in the need for a temporary power solution let Unger-Water Power Solutions design and engineer a solution for you.