Temporary electrical power solutions

for disaster recovery, marinas, events, festivals or anywhere

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In 2016, disaster struck the U.S. with Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. In 2018, Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael followed. Many areas are still suffering the effects of these storms and Unger-Water Power Solutions, LLC stands at the ready to provide temporary power solutions to stricken areas.

Unger-Water Power Solutions, LLC is a subsidiary of Unger Electric providing temporary electrical power solutions. We design, engineer and install temporary electrical solutions for disaster recovery, marinas, events, festivals or anywhere there is a need for temporary electrical power.

When a devastating earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, Unger Electric was called to help. Working closely with U.S. disaster relief teams and local officials, Unger Electric was able to successfully provide temporary electrical power for first responders and aid workers.

With a combined 70 years of electrical contracting experience we provide attention to detail and understanding the needs and concerns of our customers. For more information, check out our parent company www.ungerelectric.com website.


Temporary Electrical Power Solutions

Storm Damage Repair, Keowee Sailing Club,Seneca SC

Unger-Water Power Solutions has partnered with the Keowee Sailing Club in Seneca, South Carolina to repair damages done by a rogue wind storm back in June. The new gangways will be in place by early October. When they are in place the UW team will
mobilize to reenergize Docks 1 and 3.

Unger-Water Power Solutions will also be doing an assessment on any other possible damage that is unseen from dock level. An in-depth (pardon the pun) look under the remaining docks via boat and lights for damaged conduits and wiring will let us
determine if any further work has to be done.

The team at Keowee Sailing Club has been very helpful in collaborating with us to begin this very important project to get them back to sailing safely into the sunset!

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CASE STUDY: Power from Panel to Dock, Lake Hartwell, South Carolina

Unger-Water Power Solutions will be wiring a new dock when it arrives at this somewhat remote location on beautiful Lake Hartwell. As you can see the view is breathtaking from the proposed location and the homeowner will soon be sipping their morning coffee here soon! Unger-Water’s task is to get power from this newly set power panel, nearly 400 feet from the dock location. To do this the Unger-Water team must traverse underground down a steep downhill embankment, while dodging huge tree roots, cross a creek from a natural spring, climb another steep incline, and install the weather-tight electrical power source for the new dock.

These are the types of projects that Unger-Water Power Solutions excels at! It takes a lot of planning, a good eye for the pathway there, and a team that is not afraid of getting wet! Let us help you with any of your new or existing dock power no matter the location.

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CASE STUDY: Conch House Marina & Resort, St. Augustine, Florida

After incurring significant damage from Hurricane Irma, a devastating hurricane that hit St. Augustine, Florida in September 2017, the losses faced by marinas and boat owners were substantial. The Conch House Marina and Resort was among the hardest hit.

Entire docks were completely destroyed or swept away, including two key docks—which had portions seen floating down the Salt Run Channel the next day. In the weeks that followed the powerful hurricane, marina owners expeditiously worked to clean, repair and rebuild the docks impacted by the storm.

Unger-Water provides plan to power docks

Vessel owners count on marina slips to provide critical power for bilge pumps, battery chargers and other electrical requirements to keep their vessels in good operating condition. To provide these essential services that customers demand and to retain revenue, marina owners sought a temporary power solution for its 40 slips.

Unger-Water Power Solutions arrived and began the design process to supply power to marina slips and keep the business operational. The company installed cabling and set-up temporary power pedestals that deliver 50 amps on each side, or up to 30 amps with a splitter. The pedestals feed off existing power supplies on shore, or can be supplied through Unger-Water’s mobile units.

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