POWER IN ACTION: Conch House Marina and Resort Get Back in Business with Unger-Water Power Solutions

POWER IN ACTION: Conch House Marina and Resort Get Back in Business with Unger-Water Power Solutions 2019-07-21T13:26:18+00:00

After incurring significant damage from Hurricane Irma, a devastating hurricane that hit St. Augustine, Florida in September 2017, the losses faced by marinas and boat owners were substantial. The Conch House Marina and Resort was among the hardest hit.

Entire docks were completely destroyed or swept away, including two key docks—which had portions seen floating down the Salt Run Channel the next day. In the weeks that followed the powerful hurricane, marina owners expeditiously worked to clean, repair and rebuild the docks impacted by the storm.

Unger-Water provides plan to power docks

Vessel owners count on marina slips to provide critical power for bilge pumps, battery chargers and other electrical requirements to keep their vessels in good operating condition. To provide these essential services that customers demand and to retain revenue, marina owners sought a temporary power solution for its 40 slips.

Unger-Water Power Solutions arrived and began the design process to supply power to marina slips and keep the business operational. The company installed cabling and set-up temporary power pedestals that deliver 50 amps on each side, or up to 30 amps with a splitter. The pedestals feed off existing power supplies on shore, or can be supplied through Unger-Water’s mobile units.

Revenues and business are ticked and tied

Unger-Water temporary power pedestal

The marina is operational and able to supply the essential services vessel owners expect and demand from their slips. With six power pedestal units in place, the company is expected to provide temporary power to the marina through summer of 2018—but has the option to renew services as needed.

“The Conch House is better positioned to keep its business and services up and running until all repairs are complete,” said Jeff Unger, owner and founder of Unger-Water Power Solutions. “We’re achieving our promise to help the marina keep customers, hold on to revenue, and build back its business.”